Get ready for Scottish accents and beheadings. Lionsgate is prepping to reboot Highlander and they’ve scored a drastically good-looking leading man to do it: Henry Cavill. It isn’t clear what role the actor will be taking on, but he’s in talks to take a leading part in the film which is being directed by Chad Stahelski (John Wick).

The most obvious roles that come to mind are that of Connor MacLeod or Duncan MacLeod, the former from the films and the latter from the television series, both of whom share the same strong jawline as the actor. However, Lionsgate could be looking to create an entirely new character as the franchise allows for that pretty easily with its storyline of a bunch of immortals hunting each other down and chopping each other’s heads off because there can be only one.

This reboot has been in the works for a really long time. Back in 2011, Justin Lin was attached until Juan Carlos Fresnadillo of 28 Weeks Later took over rebooting the franchise. Then Cedric Nicolas-Troyan got the job. Nothing came of it even though at one point Ryan Reynolds was attached. However, with Cavill on and a successful director lined up the project is said to be a far more likely thing to actually happen. They even have a script penned by Kerry Williamson set to go.

Cavill is basically a franchise machine at this point. He’s got Superman possibly still lined up, The Witcher, Mission: Impossible, and Enola Holmes. That’s not to mention the desperation of everyone to get another Man From U.N.C.L.E. film to the big screen and his social media franchise of wearing tight shirts while building computers.

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