Here Comes The Halo Encyclopedia


Perfect for shelving right next to your Star Wars and WWE encyclopedias, the authoritative guide on all things Halo will weigh in at 352 full color pages.

What’s a Forerunner? Is 343 Guilty Spark programmed to be that annoying? Why are these games even called Halo to begin with? All questions worthy of answers, and all answerable by typing a couple words into Google and hitting enter.

In this digital day and age, however, sometimes you just want your information to be big, bulky and displayable on your coffee table so that your nerd friends will be impressed when they come over for a Rock Band party. This is where the Halo Encyclopedia comes in.

The Halo Encyclopedia weighs in at a hefty 352 full color pages and is being put together by Microsoft and DK Publishing, who are responsible for other novelty tomes like The WWE Encyclopedia and DC Comics Encyclopedia. So far DK says that the book will only cover content from the games, but I’d imagine they’d want to dig into the backstory in the numerous Halo books if they want to make this thing respectable. It will also feature a foreword by former Bungie staffer and current Microsoft franchise runner Frank O’Connor.

Of course, any respectable Halo nerd doesn’t even need an encyclopedia to know what the heck ODST stands for, but the rest of us losers can look for this invaluable reference tool come November.

[Via Crispy Gamer]

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