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Live your game-developer dreams with 95% off a seven-course bundle.

Whether you’re a programmer looking to take on a new skill or a gamer with an amazing idea for a game, becoming a game developer doesn’t have to be a far-fetched dream. We’ve put together seven of the best courses out there for game development beginners-and we’ve packaged in a Zero to Hero Game Developer Bundle for $49 at The Escapist Deals, at a savings of 95%.

The bundle gives you lifetime access to seven courses that will introduce you to designing games using Unity3D, Stencyl, HTML5, and Cocos2d. Through over 30 hours of training, you’ll starting creating games for the iPhone, iPad, Android, and desktop-including first- and third-person play, virtual pets, farming games, puzzles, and more.

Once you’ve created your game, this bundle helps you with the next steps, offering step-by-step instructions on essentials like getting your game approved in the App Store and setting up advertising so your game can bring in cash. At just $49 for the whole bundle-less than the price of any one of the courses individually-this deal is a must-have for anyone who’s ever dreamed about making games.

Now stop dreaming and start doing it. Head to The Escapist Deals to get the Zero to Hero Game Developer Bundle for $49.

Oh, and if you haven’t registered, go try to win an Xbox One Master Chief Edition.

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