Here’s Another Batch of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Cards


Here’s another round-up of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan cards revealed since our last post.

Since we last reported on Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, a bunch of new cards have been revealed, including the legendary cards for Hunter, Priest and Mage. To be exact, we’ve got 26 new cards to theory craft, so check them out below:

Previously, when we saw Auctionmaster Beardo, I wondered where his place would be. With the reveal of the Priest legendary, Raza the Unchained, he certainly makes a lot of sense. The Hunter legendary finally gives hunters a way to still go face even if you play a taunt, and the Mage legendary is built for “Reno decks”. In fact, Mage got some truly ridiculous cards in this reveal. Kabal Lackey can give you a 2/1 and a secret on turn 1 and Kabal Crystal Runner is essentially a free 5/5.

The multi-class legendary Don Hancho seems powerful, but boring. Madam Goya on the other hand looks like she will be a very interesting card.

We’ve now seen 79 of the expansion’s 132 cards. To check out all the previously revealed cards, click here!

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