Here’s How to Beat the Paris Silent Assassin, Suit Only Hitman Challenges

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The ultimate assassin strikes without disguises and conceals his kills in Hitman (2016). If you want to join the elite and learn to become a pro, we’ve explored the vast Paris location and learned how to complete this first episode’s steepest challenges.

Every Hitman mission is ranked, and only the best players can manage the Silent Assassin score. To get this rank, you must be quick, never get caught, and never kill bystanders or guards. The target is the only elimination you’re afforded. Combine that with the Suit Only challenge, and you’ve got a lot of planning ahead. This is the best method we’ve found so far to complete the Paris mission to earn yourself a Suit Only, Silent Assassin completion.

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Paris – Suit Only, Silent Assassin Guide

Like the name implies, this challenge requires Agent 47 to enter the mission with his suit only. Make sure to unequip your firearm and select the classic red-tie Hitman suit. The coin and fiber-wire are allowed.

When you’re properly equipped for the challenge, choose to begin at the Main Entrance then load the mission. Follow these steps and you’ll complete one of the hardest and rewarding challenges in Hitman.

  • 1. There are two targets. One requires a special invitation to access the upper floor auction. Enter through the front doors and move through the hallway to the right of the grand staircase. Circle around to a bathroom nearby with a loose IAGO invitation near the sink.
  • 2. Go through the garden through the righthand exit and move to the back of the building where guards are stationed. The guards will let you through if you have the IAGO invitation.
  • 3. Continue inside and go upstairs. Allow the guards on the second floor to search you, and move to the third floor. Enter the dark hallway as the attendant motions, turn right just as you exit and hop through the window.
  • 4. Hanging from the window, now move left and climb into the bathroom. Turn on the radio inside, then hide behind the cupboard and wait for a guard to investigate. Knock this guard out. Don’t kill him or take his disguise. Hide the body in the cupboard before leaving. Grab the gun and stash it in the dark corner near the cupboard so it doesn’t raise any alarms.
  • 5. Now, simply wait in the bathroom until Dalia and one guard arrive in the connecting room. Throw a coin to distract Dalia, knock out her bodyguard, then kill Dalia. Hide both bodies before leaving.
  • 6. Return the way you arrived. Climb out through the window, back up into the dark hallway, and down the stairs to the second floor. Continue back through the garden party and return to the hallway connected to the bathroom with the IAGO invitation.
  • 7. In this hall, close the double doors and use your instinct meter to check Novikov’s location. He needs to be in the room, standing with the models, to the left of the main stage. When he is in this location, pull the fire alarm found in the bathroom hallway. Don’t let anyone see you do it, especially guards.
  • 8. Novikov will retreat to the underground. Use the door attached to the left side of the main entrance grand staircase to reach the basement area. Down below, pass through the locker room on the first door to the left and run to the wine cellar before Novikov and his bodyguard arrives. If you’re quick, you’ll catch them running down the stairs.
  • 9. In this hallway, the guard typically runs ahead of Novikov. Strangle Novikov once the guard is out of view. You may need to subdue the guard first. Make sure to hide both bodies in the wooden crate before leaving.
  • 10. Now that the area is clear and both targets are dead, you can leave. Use the marked underground exit for a clean getaway.

And that’s how you complete Paris and earn the Suit Only, Silent Assassin challenges. Enjoy your mastery points.

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Kevin Thielenhaus is a freelance writer for The Escapist. Find him on Twitter here.

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