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Attack of the Radioactive Thing includes four new buildable items that can help your team and hinder the zombie hordes. Here’s where to find all the parts and build every piece.

Every Zombies map for Call of Duty features these buildable items. In this case, you’ll be able to plop these tools down to blast, stun, or mind control the undead. Very useful for crowd control, but like all those other maps, you’ll need to find three lost parts.

Thankfully, parts are always in the same place every single time, so you won’t need to hunt all over the map. To add another wrinkle to the formula, you’ll need to grab blueprints before you can start building.

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How To Craft Every Buildable | Locations Guide

There are four different buildables in Attack of the Radioactive Thing. All four types feature 4 missing pieces you’ll need to find — a blueprint and 3 parts.

Parts are always located in the exact same spot. Items can be crafted using work benches — find work benches in the Ice Cream Parlor office, or in the Maintenance Room at the Motel Pool.

NOTE: Blueprints look like rolled-up blue paper tubes.

Seismic Wave Generator

  • Blueprint: Near the back office door at the Ice Cream Parlor. Leave through the back door and immediately turn right to spot it on the ground.
  • Part #1: Just down from the blueprint. Find it on the concrete corner of the Ice Cream Parlor exterior.
  • Part #2: Right next to the blue Port-o-Johns, by the fallen fence section near the playground.
  • Part #3: On a red bench along the exterior of the Ice Cream Parlor.

Violet Ray Device

  • Blueprint: On a yellow bench at the exterior of the yellow-painted structure in the Power Station area.
  • Part #1: Inside the Power Station, look for an empty shopping cart along the fence near the switch. The item is on the ground by the shopping cart.
  • Part #2: Tricky to spot — find this in the alley behind the Seaside Market. The item is under a dumpster, between the exterior wall and the dumpster.
  • Part #3: Take the stairs onto the roof of the yellow-painted structure in the Power Station area, and find this part at the end of the path, near four yellow barrels.

Mind Control Device

  • Blueprint: Just to the left of the door that leads into the room with the Crowbar and crafting bench in the Motel Pool area.
  • Part #1: Leaving the Motel, on the path to Elvira’s TV Studio, there’s a vase just before going down the steps to the street. The part is to the left of the stairs, near the vase.
  • Part #2: On the Motel Pool street to the right of the TF-141 gun wall-buy, down from the Mystery Wheel.
  • Part #3: Between the pool and the street, there’s a pile of deck chairs and a folded umbrella. The item is right next to this mess.

Hypnosis Device

  • Blueprint: In the back room of the Seaside Market, find the blueprint on a shelf opposite the locked safe.
  • Part #1: On the floor near the Vodka display area, near the barrels in the Seaside Market.
  • Part #2: Inside one of the red plastic crates, at the large stack of plastic crates next to the table in the back rooms of the Seaside Market.
  • Part #3: Face the glowing radioactive eggs in the Seaside Market and move right. Between the produce display and the bread case, there’s an empty space with this part.

That’s all four buildable locations. Check out the link bank above to find even more secrets and Easter eggs in this massive Zombies survival map.

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