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Need a faster way to level up every character to Level 20? Here’s one strategy devised by the Injustice 2 community that can get your favorites to top level in about 40 minutes.

Getting to Level 20 for every single character is a real challenge in Injustice 2. Normally, that means you’ll need to complete lots and lots of events in the Multiverse. Not so with this method — instead of taking 10 hours of grueling combat, this trick can get every single character to Level 20 in about 40 minutes.

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There is a downside; you won’t earn any loot boxes with this trick. All it does it get you XP. You might earn credits and other rewards for completing daily challenges or hitting progression milestones, but otherwise there’s no bonus rewards for completing fights. If you’re okay with that, read on.

How To Get Level 20 In 40 Minutes | Fast XP Farming

To begin farming, first you’ll need to change some Gameplay Settings in the Extras menu. Set Vibration to “Off”, Round Time to “300”, and Round Limit to “1” — when that’s done, it’s time to really get started.

Go to Multiplayer, then Versus to begin setting up matches. Versus matches will earn you XP like any other battle. Select the character you want to level up, and an opponent with a second controller.

Before starting a versus match, set all Match Options to “Off” — Competitive Mode, Level Handicap, Interactive Environments, and Arena Transitions should all be off.

Do the same for your opponent. When you’re in the match, use the charged (Back + Cross [PS4] / A [XBO]) attack to launch your opponent flying back, into the wall, and bounce back.

Every character in the game has this attack. Repeat, repeat, repeat, and use Meter Burn to make it stronger when you’ve got a bar to spare. Defeat your inactive versus opponent, then rematch. You’ll be able to complete matches faster and faster for each level you gain.

It still takes a long time. That’s 40 minutes of monotonous activity just to get one character to Level 20 — if you want to get them all up that high, you’ll need to repeat the process. That sounds like a pain, but it is significantly faster than doing things the normal way!

Got your own XP-earning strategies? Prefer the Multiverse to farming? Let us know in the comments!

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