Tomb of the Spider Queen is a brand-new 3-lane map that revolves around collecting gems to summon the titular Spider Queen.

A new patch just hit Blizzard’s Heroes of The Storm today, adding the new hero: Sylvanas Windrunner, a new map: Tomb of the Spider Queen, and a bunch of new goodies.

Slyvanas will function just like she was described in the patch preview Blizzard showed us a little while ago, being a “Specialist” champion that swings into “Ranged Assassin” territory just a little. The new map’s objective revolves around collecting gems from spiders, which will summon the Spider Queen to help your team if you get enough.

Other additions in this patch include Team League – which is a team version of the ranked “Hero League” mode introduced in the last patch. n order to participate in Team League, players must be player level 40, own at least 10 champions, and have at least four other teammates on their team.

As promised, most players should log in to a big golden surprise. 2,000 Gold is now awarded at Player Levels 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40, with players who have already acheived these milestones getting the gold instantly.

All players who have reached player level 10 will also be given a free 7-day stimpack.

Source: Battle.net

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