A Bungie employee used a concealed weapon and his father’s handcuffs to subdue a suspected gunman.

If you’re planning to have a shootout at a bank in Seattle, look around to make sure Jeff Fletcher isn’t lurking.

Around 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, August 6, a fight broke out between two men in a U.S. Bank parking lot. Both men allegedly drew weapons, and one was shot and injured.

Fletcher, a former security guard and current employee of famed Halo developer, Bungie, said he witnessed the ordeal from behind an ATM while his friend hid in their vehicle. The shooter approached Fletcher’s position, prompting him to draw his own legally concealed firearm and confront the suspect.

“I told him to drop his weapon, he dropped his weapon,” Fletcher said. “I told him to get on the ground, he got on the ground.”

Minutes later, Fletcher said he remembered he was carrying his father’s old handcuffs. That’s reasonable. I never leave home without at least one pair, either. He detained the suspect, searched the shooter, and sat the man on the curb to wait until law enforcement arrived.

Fletcher warned against ordinary citizens engaging in this risky behavior, but “to ex-police or ex-army, or somebody who’s got sufficient training and who’s willing to take on that kind of risk for their loved ones or their community and has the capacity to do it, absolutely.”

Investigators with the King County Sheriff’s Office believe the quarrel was over a drug deal. The victim’s gunshot wound was later deemed non-life-threatening.

The best part of this situation? Fletcher was wearing an Admiral Ackbar shirt the whole time.

Source: King5, via CVG

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