The StarCraft II map editor hasn’t even been out for a week yet, and one enterprising fan has already used it to create a game in an entirely different genre.

We’ve known since last year’s BlizzCon that the StarCraft II Galaxy Editor was a powerful little tool – some of the folks at Blizzard had developed a third-person shooter using just the regular tools in the editor in their spare time. The Galaxy Editor was released to the beta-testing masses last week, and we’re already seeing some interesting stuff out of it – like, for instance, this StarCraft Wacky Races map.

Yes, it’s incredibly rudimentary, with nothing more to the concept other than “drive around a track.” There are no banana peels or red shells to be fired at your foes. But the fact that someone slapped together a kart racer in just a day – and by the looks of it, it’s controlled with the keyboard for the most part – is actually pretty impressive.

I wonder what this will look like after two weeks. Maybe they’ll have starmen.


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