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Kojima wants to keep things small and lean for his new studio, in order to cut the bloat from games development.

In the old days, games were made by a couple of dudes working in a garage. These days, we have teams that number in the hundreds, making the credits of a video game look fairly similar to the credits of a blockbuster movie. Hideo Kojima, with his new, independent studio: Kojima Productions, wants to take things back a notch, and as such, is aiming to keep the studio under 100 employees.

“I’m aiming to keep the staff less than 100 people,” Kojima said in a roundtable discussion (via GameReactor). He said that when he was working on Metal Gear Solid, the team would balloon to up to 200 members, which was just way too many to manage. “[I want] to connect to the developers directly… So it will be around 100 people, but not more.”

Kojima says he can’t comprehend the 1000+ member teams of Hollywood productions, and can’t understand how all of the staff could possibly communicate in an effective way. He brings up the following scenario: a glass of water is found on set. Who is it for? How much water do they want? With so many people, it can be impossible to know.

Right now, the studio is working with Sony on a PS4 exclusive title, though we have no real ideas on just what it will be.

Source: GameReactor

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