Hilarious Fable 2 Parody


Remember the ‘What will you become?’ campaign for Fable 2? Well, even if you don’t, this video parody of it is still hilarious.

I finally got a chance to check out the Knothole Island downloadable content, and while I enjoyed it, I was still left wanting. The exclusive items and potions are great, and I think the shop with the mystery boxes is a particularly clever idea, but all in all it lacked a certain….something. I didn’t know what that missing something was until I saw this video. Now it is clear to me: Knothole Island needs more Robot Lincoln.

Listen up, Lionhead – put one or two of these ideas in the next DLC and not only will we line up to buy it, we’ll love you for it. They don’t have to be outfits, either, they could just be new titles from the Town Crier. Who wouldn’t want to hear “It’s the Cake Farter!” as they run around Albion?

via WhatTheyPlay

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