Hilarious Minecraft Commerical Mines Diamonds From Your Grill

This fan-made Minecraft commercial is hilariously perfect.

For a moment, let’s say that Minecraft actually needed advertising, which it clearly doesn’t. This fan-made Minecraft commercial directed by Martin Waltz and released on YouTube would be the perfect television spot.

It takes a basic action in Minecraft – mining materials – and brings it into the real world. No matter how tough you are, blinging yourself out in Minecraft‘s world would put you at risk of losing a chunk of your face.

The commercial shows one such blinged out fellow, who is very tough-looking, as he goes up against your typical Minecraft player. All the muscles in the world can’t stop a 14-year-old’s need for diamonds.

As with the unofficial Minecraft movie trailer, seeing the game in reality is just bizarre. Really cool, but bizarre.

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