The second installment in the Expeditions series is out now.

Expeditions: Viking, the historical turn-based RPG and follow up to Logic Artists’ Expeditions: Conquistador, is now available for PC worldwide.

“In Expeditions: Viking, you take the role of thegn of a modest Norse village. Consolidate your power as your neighbors plot against you, and cross the sea to explore the kingdoms of the British Isles where wealth and power awaits,” the description reads. “Launch raids to plunder monasteries and villages, or establish trade routes and political alliances on your adventures throughout the Norse lands and beyond. This second installment to the Expeditions series takes you to the dawn of the Viking Age where you must carve your name into the annals of history. Trader or Tyrant? You decide.”

You can check out the launch trailer below:

“After more than two years of development we are very excited to release and share Expeditions: Viking with the public! Hopes are high at the studio as we make our final release preparations and we look forward to the user feedback on the forums and reviews to come,” said Logic Artists CEO Ali Emek in a press release today. “We have been lucky to have the support of a loyal and passionate community over these years and we look forward to the years to come where we will grow together as one. We extend our great thanks to everyone who offered their time to be a part of our closed beta program and to those who have already volunteered to make fan translations so that Expeditions: Viking can be even more accessible to our audience worldwide.”

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