Homestar and Strong Bad have returned for a new video, but don’t get your hopes up, they did the same thing a few years ago only to never update afterwards…

Remember Homestar Runner? A relic of a simpler time of the internet, where .gifs of dancing babies dominated the landscape and video content was delivered via adobe flash. Homestar slid off everyone’s radar quite a few years ago, but now the team is back, and have released a brand new video featuring Homestar and his more popular counterpart, Strong Bad. Check it out to the right.

In the video, Homestar finds an old, unpublished children’s book, which apparently mirrors Homestar creators The Brothers Chaps themselves stumbling upon an old, unpublished script for the series. Strong Bad reads the book, which features Homestar and his friends facing off against Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and “Dijery Doo” in an athletics contest.

Before you get your hopes up and start writing up an e-mail to Strong Bad, back in 2014 pretty much the same thing happened. Homestar was updated for the first time in four years… and then just went blank again. So don’t get your hopes up for regular updates, but enjoy the video.


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