A U.S. trademark document apparently shows a transfer of the franchise’s ownership to its original developer’s publisher, THQ.

Homeworld, the renown real-time strategy title set in outer space, may be more than a relic of the past.

Astute forum denizens at Relic News discovered a trademark document that supposedly proves the franchise name has been transferred from Vivendi Universal to THQ – the company that owns Homeworld’s developer, Relic Entertainment.

The document is signed by THQ big gun James M. Kennedy and appoints attorneys to represent the franchise in intellectual property negotiations. Documents show an August 14, 2007, transaction for the title and expansion trademark.

Homeworld was, up until now, owned by Vivendi subsidiary Sierra Online, since it published the first game in 1997. Seven years later, Relic was bought out by THQ for $10 million and carved out a reputation with the Dawn of War and Company of Heroes series.

Source: Shacknews.com

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