Homeworld Goes LEGO in Epic Battlecruiser Build


LEGO builder Tim Scwahlfenberg recently completed a huge recreation of the Vaygr Battlecruiser from Homeworld 2.

If there’s a single video game franchise that was born for LEGO adaptation, it’s Homeworld. Loaded with cool-looking starships both big and small, it’s a practical party platter of vehicles that would translate perfectly into brick-based construction sets. Sadly, Homeworld never really became big enough in pop culture to merit official sets from LEGO itself. Thankfully, there’s been no lack for people within the LEGO-building community willing to spend their time building brick versions of their favorite Homeworld vessels.

Take Tim Schwalfenberg. An experienced LEGO builder, he’s spent countless hours building custom ships and dioramas based on his owns designs and paying tribute to his favorite franchises. Most recently, he decided to spend a bit of time rebuilding the Vaygr Battlecruiser from Homeworld 2. Built over a period of seven days, Schwalfenberg’s recreation measures 140 studs in length (about 44 inches) and was originally built as an entry for the Iron Builder competition. Schwalfenberg currently isn’t sure how many pieces the build contains overall, but we’re pretty sure it’s somewhere in the realm of “a lot.”
What personally impresses me most about this model however, isn’t it’s size but it’s detail. The ships in the Homeworld games were nothing if not rife with detail and Schwalfenberg did a fantastic job of capturing that. Honestly though, it’s not surprising. If his personal page is any indicator, he’s an especial fan of building complex spaceships and has likewise been involved in impressive large-scale dioramas that demanded just as much, if not more, detail than this Battlecruiser. Remember that epic LEGO StarCraft diorama from a few months back? Yeah, he had a hand in that too.

Source: Flickr

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