Flickr user de_chef built a Homeworld-inspired LEGO model aimed at recreating of the franchise’s biggest ships.

With the release of Gearbox’s Homeworld Remastered Collection looming larger on the horizon every day, it’s not hard to see why some of the franchise’s fans might have the games on the brain. For most, this likely just adds up to a mounting sense of anticipation. Maybe they dig out their dusty copies of the series and boot it up for a preparatory playthrough. Others however, have been preparing the re-release with much more constructive activities. Flickr user de_chef, for instance, spent some last year building a LEGO brick version of Bentus, the Great Harbor Ship from Homeworld 2.

The last flagship of the ancient Bentusi race, the Bentus came to the player’s aid at several points during the game’s story and was one of the cooler and more massive ships in the game. De_chef’s version of the ship, in turn, was built along with several other smaller LEGO brick starships to emphasize is epic scale. “When I started thinking about how to build Bentus, I imagined building a large vignette with multiple smaller ships flying around/docking with Bentus,” he explained. “The tug boats were purpose built for that kind of vignette, as were the cargo ships (though they really were made as table scraps one night when working on Bentus). The tanker was also made with this vision, though it was before work began on Bentus itself.”

Built more specifically for a LEGO ship building competition, de_chef’s Bentus was constructed over the course of 30 days and features full lighting courtesy of an integrated 16-foot LED light strip. The hardest part of the build, he said, was recreating the shape of the ship’s rounded portion. Sadly, de_chef neglected to include any information about how many bricks were used in the model’s construction. Even not knowing that, however, it’s hard not to be impressed with the end results of his tribute to the classic RTS franchise.

Source: Flickr

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