Hong Kong Protests Go Geek With Nerdy Political Art

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Hong Kong’s umbrella movement used imagery from The Hunger Games, Batman and more to express themselves over the course of recent protests.

If there’s a single theme that can perhaps sum up the mish-mash collective that is nerd culture, it’d probably be empowerment. For countless people around the world, the characters in movies, literature, comic books and video games serve as agents of confidence for people who, otherwise, might have a hard time finding the will to resist. If you want proof, you need look no further than the city of Hong Kong.

As detailed in a recent column by Escapist-contributor Rob Rath, the members of the “umbrella movement” have been at the center recent protests aimed at furthering the cause of universal suffrage in Hong Kong. Comprised primarily of young students, the group has produced an impressive collection of political art, much of which has been tinged by nerdy iconography. While covering the protests, Rath saw art pieces based on properties like Pokemon, The Hunger Games, The Avengers and a variety of other popular comic books, manga and anime series.

The art, according to Rath, reflects not just the tastes of the protesters but also some of the philosophies driving their movement. He described Batman, in particular, as being a popular figure due to his practices of anonymous heroism. Many of the protesters strived to emulate that ideal and displayed the Bat symbol prominently throughout their camps. The protests and their lead-up produced countless examples of similar repurposing. And while you could perhaps argue that this is just young people expressing themselves through the things they enjoy, we think it’s emblematic of the power fictional characters can possess even in the face of real world crisis. To learn more about the umbrella protests and their art, check out Rob Rath’s original feature piece.

Source: Critical Intel

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