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Honor of Kings: World Gameplay Reveals an Action-Heavy Open World from Tencent

Publisher Tencent and developer TiMi Studio have released a gameplay reveal trailer for open-world action RPG spinoff Honor of Kings: World.

Publisher Tencent and developer TiMi Studio have released a gameplay reveal trailer for their stunning open-world action RPG, Honor of Kings: World. It features combo-heavy combat in a beautiful world filled with colorful characters, monsters, and magical abilities. It already looks like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild influenced the developers, as players can glide over wide-open areas in what seems to be a massive open world with a variety of biomes. It looks like there will be multiple fighting styles as well, with one character in the trailer being able to use an exosuit that sports explosive long-range weaponry. In short, Honor of Kings: World looks huge.

Honor of Kings: World is a spinoff of Tencent’s massively popular mobile MOBA, Honor of Kings. This open-world entry seems a bit more accessible than its strategy-focused counterpart, and it will come to multiple unspecified platforms in the future. Check out the Honor of Kings: World gameplay reveal trailer below.

Tencent and TiMi announced Honor of Kings: World in November of last year, revealing an impressive trailer that introduced players to its new fantastical world. The trailer showcased a lengthy combat section where the protagonist fights off a Monster Hunter-like, fire-breathing creature. Today’s trailer all but confirms that last year’s footage was a prerendered video though. Honor of Kings: World still looks good, just not as good as what Tencent may have led some fans to believe. You can still watch that original trailer below.

While we’re still waiting for platform information and a release date, TiMi has confirmed that Honor of Kings: World will feature some form of co-op. Stay tuned for more details.

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