Horrified Residents of Spennymoor, England are Battling a Maggot Invasion


A massive, seemingly overnight infestation of maggots has left residents of Spennymoor, England trapped in their homes and experts baffled as to the cause. Yuck.

Question: What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever had to deal with as a homeowner? A colony of rats? Black mold, maybe? An indian burial ground in your backyard? Well how about waking up one morning to find AN ARMY OF MAGGOTS AT YOUR DOORSTEP?

That’s exactly the kind of horror-movie scenario that select residents of Spennymoor, England have been faced with following a inexplicable invasion of maggots in their gardens and homes.

According to The Northern Echo, it all started a little over a week ago when Melanie Hubbard of Flora Street let her dog outside before going to bed. Upon doing so, she noticed what could only be described as a “carpet” of yellow creatures advancing toward her home from her garden. After spending hours bleaching and jet washing her property to no effect, Hubbard watched helplessly as the maggots spread into her kitchen.

“There were thousands of them and I couldn’t see the yard, the bench or any of the toys – it was like something out of a horror film.” said Hubbard.

“There were about 200 of them in my kitchen just crawling around – on the floor, on the windows and up the walls. It made my skin crawl and I couldn’t even sleep for the first few nights – everytime I felt something on me in bed I just thought it was a maggot.”

(*tries not to think of the face peeling scene from Poltergeist*) (*fails*) (*vomits*)

With each passing day, the problem is getting more and more out of hand. Hubbard’s neighbors on Flora and Edward Street have reported maggots crawling out of the sewers in droves, and even worse, a recent storm has spread the creatures — which thrive in cool, damp areas — even further.

Kayla Leigh Seymour of Craddock Street told reporters that “There were thousands in my yard and they were climbing up my door and into my house. I had to block the bottom of the door with a tea towel and I daren’t open the windows.”

The experts at Northumbria Water are baffled by the influx of maggots, even after having conducted a survey of the sewage systems of the affected area. Rumor has it, however, that a dog that was disposed of in the sewers might be to blame.

I reached out to Northumbria earlier today to offer my own solution to the maggot attack (which would make for an awesome metal band name), but unfortunately, they said that “lighting the entirety of County Durham aflame was not a feasible option.”

Source:The Northern Echo

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