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Horses Is a Horror Video Game

Horses is a first-person adventure game from developer Andrea Lucco Borlera with one of the most unsettling horror reveal trailers ever.

Horses is a first-person adventure game from developer Andrea Lucco Borlera with a reveal trailer that is so unsettling that it’ll make you rethink playing video games forever. Announced during IGN’s Summer of Gaming, the black-and-white trailer starts off with plucky instrumentals and some goofy up-close shots of a boy and a farmer. Then it quickly takes a turn into the demented, as the farmer introduces the boy to a herd of naked people wearing soulless horse heads. Scenes of the horses (people?) are spliced with live-action shots of different actions like shoveling dirt, cutting a chain link fence, and someone violently washing their mouth out with soap. Yeah, add this one to the nightmare pile.

The Horses website teases more, confirming that the game is indeed aiming to be more horror than comedy. Players play the role of a summer worker who is responsible for farm upkeep. As players tend to the needs of the farm and all who live there, they’ll uncover surprises and “unsettling mysteries.” Those live-action intermissions are actually part of the in-game Horses experience, with Borlera promising “unspeakable horrors” to be uncovered throughout your 14 days with the land and its enigmatic farmer.

Horses has no price yet but is confirmed to come to PC with other platforms set to be announced in the future. The full experience will launch in 2024, with a demo expected to arrive “soon,” according to the website.

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