In which we dare you to name an original trilogy title where the ice planet does not appear.

For a planet that’s supposably devoid of human life, the Greater Javin ice cube sure loves playing host to epic battles. In the latest update to Sony Online Entertainment’s Star Wars Galaxies (to be eventually known as the “other” Star Wars MMOG), the legendary Battle of Echo Base has been added as a new battlefield for the Galactic Civil War. Rebel players will be tasked with evacuating the fabled base while those in the Imperial army will do what they do best, killing Rebels.

What would a battle on Hoth be without giant AT-AT vehicles and enough snowspeeders and tow hooks to dismantle them? The Echo Base area features controllable vehicles for both sides of the conflict, as well as appearances by Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and R2-D2. This is starting to sound a lot like a dream I’ve been having every night for the past twenty years.

It’s surprising to think that a Star Wars MMOG that takes place during the original trilogy didn’t receive its obligatory Hoth level until five years into its life span, having been featured in just about every single Star Wars game that includes events from “The Empire Strikes Back.” To that point, Factor 5 managed to sneak it into not one, not two, but all three of their Star Wars: Rogue Squadron titles. Do you still get excited when you think of the Battle of Echo Base? Which games have best handled the Hoth experience and do you think there’s more that can be done to improve upon it? I think if they could just add a Hoth segment to Star Tours, they’ll have done all that is possible.

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