Hotline Miami “Probably” Hitting PSN Next Week


The critically acclaimed indie title may finally be arriving on PS3 and Vita.

Update: Sony has revealed that Hotline Miami will be landing on PSN this coming Tuesday, June 25th.

While Devolver Digital and Dennaton Games are currently focused on Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, PlayStation fans are likely still wondering when they’ll see promised versions of the original Hotline Miami for PS3 and Vita. Originally announced in February there has since been little news regarding the promised ports. That said, it now seems that PlayStation players eager to drench their hands in pixelated blood won’t have to wait much longer.

Responding to two separate inquiries the official Hotline Miami twitter told fans to expect the PlayStation versions “next week”. The PlayStation versions will come packaged with Cross Buy which will give players access to both the PS3 and Vita versions of the game with only one purchase. The ports will also boast exclusive features like cooperative multiplayer, Cross Play functionality, and a special lock-on feature to help players target their foes.

If you’re among those unfortunate souls that have yet to play Hotline Miami and have a PS3 or Vita, you should really take this as a sign to do so. The game’s story can get a bit wonky in places, but it nonetheless provides an experience that is equal parts unique, bloody and addicting. It really manages to a hit a difficulty sweet spot that challenges but never feels unfair or frustrating. In short, you could do a lot worse for $9.99.

Source: Polygon

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