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How Does the Tree of Whispers Work in Diablo 4?

Tree of Whispers in Diablo 4 - Loot

Once you hit level 50 in Diablo 4, you’ll be able to take on the Capstone Dungeon and unlock World Tier 3 and Nightmare difficulty. This is where you get access to all of the endgame content spread across Sanctuary. One of the core endgame features of Diablo 4 revolves around the Tree of Whispers and completing bounties for the Tree in certain areas around the map.

This is How the Tree of Whispers Works in Diablo 4’s Endgame

After reaching World Tier 3, you will be able to talk to the Tree of Whispers and it will strike a deal with you to go and silence Whispers for it in return for generous rewards.

These Whispers take the form of several different event types across the map, including:

  • Clearing Cellars
  • Defeating Whisper-influenced Dungeons (which will have a red symbol around them)
  • Whisper-influenced Events
  • World Events
  • World bosses

Completing any Whisper-based content will reward a currency called Grim Favors. Once you have a total of 10 Grim Favors, you’ll need to head back to the Tree of Whispers to turn them in for a reward. You’ll be given the choice of a few different Caches relating to a specific gear type, such as a Helm Cache or a Ring Cache.

Once you’ve received a Cache, you’ll find it in your inventory and be able to open it to receive a bunch of goodies. This will include a few pieces of the gear of the Cache type (often including a Legendary or two), plus a bunch of useful crafting materials and sometimes Nightmare Dungeon Sigils too.

Completing Tree of Whispers content is a great way to do open world content and build up some nice gear to get stronger, as World Tier 3 is quite a jump in difficulty from World Tier 2. You’ll pretty much be wanting to replace any of the gear you have with new World Tier 3 gear, especially when you find Sacred Rares, Legendaries, or Uniques relevant to your build.

That’s all there is to how the Tree of Whispers works in the endgame of Diablo 4. It’s an excellent piece of content to utilize to help you gear up after you hit level 50 and enter World Tier 3! If you need more advice to making it through Diablo 4, make sure to look through our full set of guides.

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