Here is the answer to how long the tutorial is in Hogwarts Legacy from Avalanche Software, so you can dive into the main gameplay.

Hogwarts Legacy sees you creating your own witch or wizard for a unique experience in a Hogwarts set long before the time of Harry Potter and friends, but if you are a fan, you will see some familiar names and even some certain ghostly faces too! If you’re looking to pick up your wand and dive in but would like to know if you have enough time set aside to get through the Hogwarts Legacy tutorial and get into the gameplay, we have you covered with how long it is.

Here’s How Long the Tutorial Is in Hogwarts Legacy

Unlike many tutorials, the one kicking off your experience in Hogwarts Legacy is an incredibly enjoyable experience. There is a lot to take in visually, with some epic creatures to witness, charming characters to meet, and some powerful foes to encounter. The prologue tutorial will see you play through from character creation to discovering ancient magic all the way through to finally arriving at the legendary Hogwarts and being sorted into your house of choice. All up, the tutorial will run you 45-60 minutes to get through. There’s not too much exploring off the beaten path you can do, so this will be pretty consistent for most players.

After the prologue, there is still a good 30-40 minutes of Hogwarts exploration and classes that will teach you the rest of the basics and unlock a lot more features, but it is far less restrictive and you can take your time exploring, trying to reveal secrets and blasting every vase that looks at you the wrong way as you go.

That sums up how long you can expect to be playing through the tutorial in Hogwarts Legacy, so set aside your time, choose your house, and get to waving your wand!

Next up, if you want to see Azkaban, be aware that you have to pick one specific house!

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