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Gungrave GORE may not be up there with the Devil May Cry series (check out our 3 Minute Review to find out why), but it’s as over the top as its daft, coffin-riding protagonist Grave. And if you decide to dive into this silly shooter, you might be wondering just how many stages are in Gungrave GORE — here’s the answer.

Gungrave GORE Has 31 stages, but You’re Not Always Grave

There are a total of 31 stages in Gungrave GORE, including sci-fi-style complexes, a neon-tinged city, a hanging village, and more. As big goth lunk Grave, you’re tasked with blasting your way through these locations, dispatching a boss or bosses to finish each stage.

Your opponents are the Raven Clan, and given that their island stronghold is called Scumland, you know they’re not into subtlety. The same is true of a lot of the bosses you fight, who, thanks to an extraterrestrial drug known as SEED, have a wealth of powers.

The stages are in fact grouped into several locations, though 31 is the official number, according to the game itself. And each new stage is heralded by the words “Kick Their Ass” appearing on screen. Sounds like a lot of work for Grave, right?

That’d be true, but not every single stage casts you as the big goth lunk. Most do, but there are a few stages where you play as Grave’s teammates. He may be the game’s heavy hitter, but his comrades in arms Quartz and Bunji are no slouches either.

So, if you’re wondering how many stages are in Gungrave GORE, there are 31 stages in total.

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