How Modern Warfare 2‘s Night Vision Goggles Are Made

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Ever wondered what a factory neck-deep in production of night vision goggles for a limited edition of a videogame looks like? Look no further than these behind-the-scenes snaps of the manufacturing of Modern Warfare 2‘s Prestige Edition NVGs.

Sometimes it’s best to not look behind the curtains of the cool doodads we regularly acquire, but since much about Modern Warfare 2‘s Prestige Edition night vision goggles remains a mystery, it’s only understandable to want to see what exactly is going into the manufacturing of these supposedly fully-functioning collector’s items.

These pictures should give you a nice peek at the production line for the Prestige Edition goggles. They were snapped by a worker in the Chinese toy factory where the goggles are being made, a worker who apparently is a Call of Duty fan and didn’t realize what he’s been working on is the Modern Warfare 2 NVGs until now.

Yes, these images will destroy whatever illusion you might have about the NVGs being some sort of vaunted treasure of videogame collectibles. There are shots of dozens of NVGs lying around, stacked on top of each other in plastic bins, and a snap of the goggle production line, where workers who are getting paid diddly to put together these damn things which you will be paying a whole hell of a lot for come November.

But anyway, enough of that depressing thought. What intrigues me here is this picture of the interior components of the NVGs. I’m no expert on military equipment, but there seem to be enough doodads in there to rest my fears that these things won’t actually work. Anyone able to recognize any of the parts in these pictures, feel free to enlighten us on the finer points of night vision goggle manufacturing.

[Via VG247]
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