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Fans of the Souls series already know how tricky it is navigating the monster-filled dungeons the franchise is known for. Same goes for entering the elusive DLC areas in Bloodborne. It takes a very specific set of circumstances, so if you’re eager to start hunting prey, check out these step-by-step instructions.

The Old Hunters introduces three new areas, a load of new enemies and even more insurmountable bosses. Explore the nightmares of the past and uncover hidden lore to fill the gaps in Bloodborne’s creepy, elusive story. Experience the cycle of exploration, death, and discovery in this new add-on, but learn how to get inside The Hunter’s Dream with a little help from The Escapist.

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How to Access ‘The Old Hunters’ DLC

Like Dark Souls before it, gaining access to ‘The Old Hunters’ requires a convoluted series of events. In Bloodborne, you’ll still need to reach an exact location with a certain item in your inventory, at a certain time in Yharnam’s cycle. Luckily, this isn’t nearly as complex as teleporting to the new areas of Dark Souls.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Note: To access the new areas, you must reach the Night cycle in-game. This occurs after defeating Vicar Amelia in the Grand Cathedral at the top of the stairs in the Cathedral Ward. Once she is slain, the Hunter must examine the altar behind her.

  • 1. After purchasing and downloading ‘The Old Hunters’ expansion, a new messenger will appear in the Hunter’s Dream. Collect the ‘Eye of a Blood-Drunk Hunter’ from the messenger.
  • 2. Travel to the Oedon Chapel lamp. There are three doors you can take to exit, leave through the left door to arrive in a courtyard square.
  • 3. In this area, go to the gate near the leaning tree to trigger a special event. Strange blue energy cascades nearby — step into this energy to access the new areas.

Step into the light near Oedon Chapel at night with the ‘Eye of a Blood-Drunk Hunter’ and you’ll arrive in the first add-on area. Find a lamp to return to this location from the Hunter’s Dream headstones.

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