As it turns out, the Tony Hawk Ride controller makes a better real-life skateboard than it does a videogame peripheral.

A quick recap: Tony Hawk Ride was supposed to be one of Activision’s hot new properties for holiday 2009, packaged with a skateboard-shaped balance board that ostensibly let players immerse themselves in the action instead of just hitting buttons.

Unfortunately, the game wasn’t very good, much to Mr. Hawk’s frustration.

Rather than keep a useless hunk of plastic just lying around their house with a below-average game, a group of actual skateboarders decided to have fun with it: They decided to turn the Ride skateboard into a real skateboard, and that’s the video you see here.

The verdict? It works surprisingly well. “The board … is real and surprisingly sturdy,” said the filmmakers in a comment on the YouTube video. “To those that wished it broke at the end, we tried and because it held up we decided to keep it.”

So if you’ve ever wanted to turn a piece of technology into a skateboard, go with the Ride controller rather than the iPad – it’s cheaper, too!

(Via MTV Multiplayer)

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