Think having a fancy superpower is all it takes to become a superhero? Think again.

How exactly does one become a superhero? Do they need a tight-fitting, moniker-themed costume? Does it require superpowers that evolved from strange and random events? In Issue 154 of The Escapist, John Evans takes a stab at creating the ultimate superhero checklist:

Of course, superheroes also operate beyond the law. National boundaries and extradition treaties mean little to Wonder Woman, and the illegality of vigilante justice doesn’t deter the masked crime fighters who stalk the streets of Gotham, Metropolis or any of the other incarnations of New York City. To a superhero, justice trumps mere law.

However, with every necessary superhero trait Evan’s lists, he has more than enough examples to counter it. After all, Batman doesn’t have any real superpowers, just a keen sense of justice and advanced detective skills. Read “What Makes a Superhero?” and let us know your superhero checklist.

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