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How to Beat the Parade Master Boss in Lies of P

Lies of P Parade Master

Lies of P has more murderous puppets than you can shake Pinocchio’s nose at. But apart from the regular uncanny-valley enemies, it also pits you against some towering puppet bosses. One such boss is the Parade Master, whom you run into on the way to Hotel Krat. But with no way around them, you’re going to have to fight. So if you’re wondering how to beat the Parade Master boss in Lies of P, I’ve got the answer.

How to Prepare for the Parade Master Boss in Lies of P

If you want to beat the Parade Master boss, you’ll need a reasonably fast weapon, either the Rapier or the Sabre. I’d also recommend you bring the Electric Coil weapon, which you can buy from the Wandering Merchant just before this boss. As far as stats go, it’s worth putting a few points into Advance so your Electric Coil weapon does more damage. Also, if you’ve got enough Ergo, purchase a few Electric Blitz Abrasives, which will make your normal weapon do electrical damage.

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How to Get Past Phase 1 of the Parade Master Boss in Lies of P

Here is everything you need to know about how to beat the Parade Master boss in Lies of P, the Pinocchio Soulslike.

The Parade Master boss in Lies of P is surprisingly fast on his feet, more so even than the lumbering policeman puppet / robot you had to kill to get the railway key. His first form has three basic attacks, including the following:

  • A belly flop
  • A charge attack
  • A sweep attack using one or both of his hands

He’ll also sometimes turn his charge attack into an unblockable red attack, but you shouldn’t be trying to block any of these anyway. Instead, the trick is to tap dodge at the last minute.

Then hit him with several light attacks. When he does his belly flop, you should be able to get three attacks in. Or quickly switch to the Electric Coil for a couple of more damaging strikes, then switch back to your other weapon. When he’s using his other attacks, you’ll get maybe two Rapier/Sabre attacks in or one Electric Coil attack. Be ready to dodge again in case his one-hand attack turns into a two-hand attack. Remember to use Electric Blitz Abrasive so your Rapier/Sabre does electrical damage.

I’d recommend you only use your Fable Arts weapon attack when he’s staggered (his health bar is flashing) if you have the Rapier. This will make him fall to the ground, letting you get in a “fatal” attack with a light attack. You can also use a strong attack to make him fall but that will leave you open.

How to Get Past Phase 2 of the Parade Master Boss in Lies of P

Here is everything you need to know about how to beat the Parade Master boss in Lies of P, the Pinocchio Soulslike.

Once you’ve done enough damage and the Parade Master boss is down to just over half his energy, he’ll pull his hat and most of his face off and start using it as a club. He won’t attack while he’s doing this, so get some hits in.

It’s tempting to stay well out of range, since his club / hat thing now gives him a bigger each. But dodging at the last minute is still the best option. When he swings his club horizontally, dodge it and attack him, still with light attacks.

If he swings it vertically, dodge and then wait for his next attack. Why? Because if you get close after his first vertical club slam, he’ll deliver another couple of vertical attacks. Keep it up, and you’ll eventually defeat him.

What Drops Do You Get for Beating the Parade Master Boss?

You get the following items for beating the Parade Master boss in Lies of P.

  • Parade Master’s Ergo
  • Quartz

Don’t just use the Parade Master’s Ergo to level up. Keep it around and you’ll be able to trade it for a special weapon later. You can also use the quartz to upgrade P’s P-Organs, but not yet. To do that you need access to Geppetto’s machine in the hotel, which you get after you’ve beaten the Scrapped Watchman. That’s everything you need to know about how to beat the Parade Master boss in Lies of P.

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