Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty parry and block at the same time guide

The Three Kingdoms-era action RPG Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty from Team Ninja has made itself known as another great entry into the soulslike genre. With a brand new concoction of combat mechanics, it gives you a lot to learn and master. One technique that stood out is the fact you can block and parry at the same time — and once mastered is an incredibly effective tactic.

How to Block and Parry Simultaneously in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

It’s a technique that will save you from many unforeseen followup attacks from the variety of enemies roaming Wo Long’s world. Being able to block and still throw out fight-changing parries without lowering your guard is truly a lifesaver in many situations.

To block and parry at the same time is actually quite simple. Hold down your left bumper (Xbox) or L1 (PS4/5) to begin blocking, watch the movement of the enemy, and, while still holding down your block button, attempt to press the B/Circle button as the attack strikes you.

If timed correctly, you will parry the attack and impact the enemy’s spirit gauge, which, when low enough, will open them up for a devastating counterattack. The best part of being able to block and parry at the same time however is that if you happen to mis-time your parry (which will happen a lot to most players), you’ll still at least block the strike.

Depending on your own spirit gauge levels you’ll completely block the strike and receive no damage, but be aware if your spirit gauge is low and go to block strikes, chances are your guard will be broken and you’ll be momentarily stunned and left wide open.

So in order to make best use of the block and parry technique, you’ll need to be keeping an eye on your spirit gauge to see when you have room to block a few blows and when you will be better off going for dodges to avoid having your guard broken. It’s also good to be aware that blocking is excellent for negating damage from most enemies, but mini-bosses and bosses will still deal damage through your blocks most of the time with the damage received greatly reduced. So try to use blocking only as a failsafe while you try your best to land those powerful parries.

Now you know how to go about blocking and parrying at the same time in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, it’s time to put your new technique to the test and become the best defensive wall in all the Three Kingdoms.


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