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How to Build Campfires in Wild Hearts

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Wild Hearts is a brand new action RPG by Omega Force that brings you intense Monster Hunter-style gameplay. One key feature of the game that differs from games of a similar vein is its building system. You’ll want to be able to stay on top of building to ensure you can make all the necessary structures to progress the story as well as providing you the utility needed to access certain features. One of the key structures you’ll need to make and that you’ll end up using a lot is a campfire.

Here’s How to Build Campfires in Wild Hearts

The first step to building yourself a nice roaring campfire and in fact any structure is to run on out into the wild to harvest a resource called thread. If you hold down your left trigger it will highlight objects in a nice cyan color around you, you’ll want to look for big trees and rocks for some easy thread. Simply walk on up to them and press and hold your left trigger to extract thread. 

Once you’re nice and stocked up on thread you’re ready to start building. Over key parts of the map you’ll find dragon pits — touch these to enable them and you will see that you can upgrade them with resources to expand build capacity. There is a limit to how much you can have built at once. Each structure that you build is tied to a different element. Building a campfire will take 10 of your current fire element capacity. To build the campfire, go ahead and hold your right bumper and press up on the D-pad and then select the campfire and hold A on your Xbox controller or X on your PlayStation controller to place down the campfire where you want it.

Now you have your campfire built you’ll see a prompt when near it that says you can warm yourself if you interact with it. Don’t be fooled, it’s not just going to warm you if you sit down beside it, but it will actually open up a menu with some excellent options:

  • Decide what to hunt next — this option will take you to an overworld map with the Kemono you have available to hunt in each area. Selecting one will prompt you to start a hunt mission right away.
  • Enhance Tsukumo — select this option to customize the little robotic ball companions you can find around the map.
  • Play online — this option lets you create or search for multiplayer sessions to join.

That’s all you need to know to get to building and using those super useful campfires in Wild Hearts.

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