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Wild Hearts is making waves in the monster hunting genre for a number of reasons, but one of it’s most endearing mechanics gives players the opportunity not only to hunt monsters, but to befriend and make pets of Kemono, its world’s animals. With a vast number of potential pet options, and plenty of perks for taming them, players will want to catch and keep a number of animals as companions throughout their playthrough. But how do you catch and keep small Kemono as pets in Wild Hearts?

To Catch and Keep Small Kemono as Pets in Wild Hearts You’ll Need Fast Reactions, and the Proper Cage to Keep Them in 

With an impressive number of pets to keep and tame, Wild Hearts players will be finding potential pets throughout their entire playthrough. Catching them all could take countless hours of game time with scores and scores of tamable Kemono. Plus, when you catch them, each will have unique specific tools or rare materials they can bring into your inventory — along with adorable friendship of course.

To find the game’s smaller Kemono, the best place to start looking is under plants or rocks. Whether you’re mining or harvesting, often after picking up either of these items there will be a small Kemono underneath looking to scurry away. Before they do, all you have to do is quickly hit the catch prompt before they have time to get away. This button defaults to the left trigger on consoles, and on PC you’ll need to press an on-screen “catch” prompt.

Best yet is that these Kemono can range from lizards, mammals, small birds, or even bugs, and different types will be more commonly found around different environments. When you successfully catch any of these animals, you’ll be notified on the right side of your screen, giving you the option to name the Kemono, as well as other catalog information like how many of the species you’ve caught. Best yet, there’s no limit on how many pets you can have, so be sure to try and catch everything.

To officially make a caught Kemono your pet, you’ll need to gain the ability to utilize the Wildlife Cage Dragon Karakuri, which will provide housing for your new found friends. You can get this upgrade by filling out the skills on the Karakuri tree, which will require some hefty payouts of Karakuri Orbs and some dedication. But once unlocked your cage will be the perfect home for your new pets.

And that’s how to catch and keep small Kemono as pets in Wild Hearts.

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