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How to Change to a Wider Field of View (FOV) in Ghostwire: Tokyo

How to change Field of View in Ghostwire Tokyo - Spectre with an Umbrella stands in a narrow corridor.

After a year of PlayStation 5 console exclusivity, Ghostwire: Tokyo is out on Xbox. It’s also received a big update, Spider’s Thread, which adds a roguelite mode as well as other features. If you’re diving in to Ghostwire: Tokyo on this new platform, you might be finding it difficult to spot enemies on your peripherals and wondering how to change to a wider Field of View (FOV).

Can You Change The Field of View in Ghostwire: Tokyo on Console?

There are several accessibility-friendly options in Ghostwire: Tokyo but this Japanese ghostbusting game doesn’t let you change the FOV. Whether you’re playing it on PC or console, the in-game option simply doesn’t exist, even with all the new content. 

However, if you are playing the game on PC, you can use a mod by YT17 and ChiweiUser to edit the FOV. You’ll need to create a Nexus Mods account if you haven’t already got one and go to the mod page here. 

Read the instructions carefully, then download and install the mod. We recommend you back up the files you’re replacing, just in case something goes wrong. And — since this isn’t an officially supported feature — you do this at your own risk.

Does This Mod Let You Change The FOV Degree By Degree? 

The answer is no. This mod, appropriately called Wider Field of View for Ghostwire: Tokyo, is useful, but it only features five presets. You can’t tweak it to the exact value you want. 

Instead, you have to choose one of those presets and note that you can’t change the preset while playing the game. Despite the drawbacks, it’s still better than nothing and we tip our hats to YT17 and ChiweiUser for coming up with it. 

And, unless Tango Gameworks (which developed the game) decide to patch in a FOV feature, it’s the best you’re going to get.

So if you want to know how to change to a wider field of view in Ghostwire: Tokyo, the answer is that you can’t on console, while on PC, the only path is through an unofficial mod.

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