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How to Change Your Voice in Exoprimal

How to Change Your Voice in Exoprimal
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Exoprimal lets you customize your character and, while it’s not as extensive as some games, it’ll be your creation that you see during cutscenes. But there’s no voice option whatsoever. So if you’re puzzling over how to change your voice in Exoprimal, here’s what you need to know. 

Here’s How Player Voices Work in Exoprimal

Your character is completely mute during cutscenes, with the game making reference to them being the silent type. That’s nothing new, nor was Half-Life’s Gordon Freeman the first silent protagonist. 

However, in-game, you can use your controller to issue voice emotes and you’ll hear a masculine or feminine voice. So what’s going on? Here’s where things get a little weird.

Yes, your character is mute but each Exosuit has a voice assigned to it. So, if you’re roaming around in a Deadeye Exosuit, your voice emotes will always sound masculine. Step into the Zephyr suit and your voice emotes will sound feminine. It’s a strange system, but that’s how Capcom has done it.

Which Exosuits Have Male or Female Voices?

To give you a heads up, this is how I’d class each Exosuit’s voice. If you want to test these out you can use all the suits in Training, in the Firing Range mode, even if they’re still locked in the main game. 

Masculine: Deadeye, Zephyr, Barrage, Roadblock, Krieger, Murasame, Witchdoctor

Feminine: Vigilant, Skywave, Nimbus

So, if you were wondering how to change your voice in Exoprimal, you’re going to have to change your Exosuit. And if you have more questions about the game, make sure to take a look through our full set of guides

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