How to Collect All 7 Wisps in Indie Puzzler The Bridge

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Twist reality and earn the ‘Collector’ achievement or trophy with a mind-bending locations guide for the M.C. Escher inspired indie puzzler The Bridge.

Soon to be released on Xbox One and Playstation 4, The Bridge is all about challenging your logic with impossible spaces that require some clever gravitational manipulation to figure out. It’s another memorable adventure from a small team of enthusiasts, so these hidden collectibles aren’t just stowed away in stages — getting them all alone might be the most improbable challenge yet. Input the infamous Konami Code and get collecting.

Find All 7 Hidden Wisps – Collectible Guide

There are seven hidden wisps to find in The Bridge. Each one adds a scrap of a painting. Grab them all to complete the painting and unlock the ‘Collector’ trophy / achievement.

  • Wisp #1: Anywhere – To get this wisp, just insert the famous Konami Code at any point in-game. Press; Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B (Circle), A (Cross). The wisp will always appear directly above you.
  • Wisp #2: Your Home – Change gravity so that you fall out the front door to the left. Continue to fall, with the grass to your right, and pass through the large tree’s leaves. Fall through the tree a total of 13 times in a row. After the thirteenth pass, you’ll be able to collect the wisp that spawns as you continue to fall.
  • Wisp #3: 1-4 The Courtyard – From the start of the stage, begin backtracking. Hold it for 60 seconds or more then shift the stage and launch your hero “up” toward the off-screen wisp. Backtrack and adjust gravity until you can fall onto the hidden wisp.
  • Wisp #4: 4-5 The Intersection – At the start of this stage, take note of where the rolling ball is and the switch next to your spawn point. The goal here is to move the ball onto the switch near your spawn, then reach the corner where the ball started in the stage. Switch places and move around this corner with the ball in place on the switch to grab this hidden wisp.
  • Wisp #5: 1-3 Mirrored Menace – This one takes some practice. You’ll need to move the balls from the bird icon alcove and reach this platform without using backtrack powers. Cleverly manipulate the environment and fall-upward to land on the platform to get the next picture piece.
  • Wisp #6: 2-2 Mirrored Precipice – The wisp is visible on the candle at the start of the stage. To get it, walk off the left on your right (from the beginning) and then step off while shifting gravity to reach the higher ledge to the left. From this taller precipice, you can adjust gravity to fall into the wisp on the candle wick.
  • Wisp #7: 3-0 Mirrored Hallway – Finally, another easy one. Just walk left into the darkness past the doors and the camera will pan over to reveal a hidden wisp. Grab it to complete the picture and unlock the Collector achievement / trophy.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked!

  • Collector (29 points / Bronze):
    Collect all hidden wisps.

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