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How to Complete Laser Mission Level R in System Shock Remake

System Shock Laser Mission fire

If you’re playing the System Shock remake, your first big job is to stop SHODAN from annihilating mankind with a space laser. But just how do you go about that? And what do you need to do on the reactor level to get the shields charged up? If you want to know how to complete Laser Mission Level R in the System Shock remake we’ve got you covered.

Want to Stop the Space Laser? Here’s What to Do on the Reactor Level

Before I go any further I’d like to stop to appreciate the sheer stupidity of whichever idiot equipped Citadel Station with a massive laser that can reach Earth. Now I’ve got that out of the way, here’s what you need to do on the Reactor Level. 

I’m assuming you’ve already been to the Research Level and grabbed the X-22 Isotope. If not, you need to undertake that task first. You will also need the override code from the library. For me, the code was 526 but it may be different for your run so it’s worth checking. 

Several doors require engineering access which you won’t have yet. That includes the Reactor Core, which factors into the game later. 

Here Are the Tasks to Complete on the Reactor Level

Go to the Radiation Shield Controls room. You’ll find a little exploding mine droid in here so back away the moment you open the door. There may also be a cyborg hiding in a nearby alcove.Then, insert isotope X-22 into the striped device to the left of the main console. 

System Shock Laser isotope X-22

Now, you’ve got to unlock the override in the northern part of the level. Be warned, as you head to the override you’ll stumble into one of SHODAN’s traps. The best way to deal with this is to save, spring the trap, reload, then go a little way into the room and mine the locked doors.

System Shock Laser Mission Trap

Once you get near the override you’ll pass through a door into a corridor. You can go left to go towards a tall gray and red looking device tower, or right. Don’t bother going left — there are some particularly nasty enemies that way and you don’t need to go there just yet. The flying robots in there may spot you so crouch as you go right. 

Go up the yellow gravity elevator, enter the code in the room and pull the lever. You’ve now overridden the laser. All that’s left is to go back to the General Control room on the Science Level and fire the laser.

System Shock Laser override

Well, that’s not entirely true. Once you go in there and reach the sub-Control Room, SHODAN will open the four tubes in the room to reveal a new type of mutant, a virus mutant. These throw things so I recommend you run up the ramp and hide behind the glass partition. 

System Shock Laser Mutants

They typically won’t follow you up so throw Gas Grenades if you’ve got any and when they’re dead, head in and fire the laser.

And that’s how to complete Laser Mission Level R in the System Shock remake. Don’t forget to check out our other System Shock guides and coverage.

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