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How to Complete Scout Quest in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov Factory Cellar Forklift stairs Scout quest

Midway through Mechanic’s task chain, he’ll give you a task called Scout, which has you delving into some of the harder-to-reach places on the Factory map. Completing the task is fairly simple, as you don’t need any special keys or expensive items to finish its objectives. The biggest threat, as with anything that requires you to go to Factory, is the tiny size of the map and other players and Scavs that litter the place. We’ll cover everything you need to know about completing the Scout quest in Escape from Tarkov.

How to Complete the Scout Mechanic Task in Escape from Tarkov

Scout asks you to visit the four PMC extractions on Factory, and because the map is roughly square, you can use any of the corners as a starting point. The extracts themselves are also conveniently accessible from the four corners of the map’s main floor, and we’ll be using the Forklifts spawn as our point of reference.

Note that you don’t need to reach all four extractions on a single raid, but once you’ve visited all of them, you will need to successfully extract once to complete the task.

Cellar Extract Location on Factory

Almost immediately outside Forklifts, you’ll see a staircase flanked by rusty guardrails. There’s a hallway leading to the left and a red door near it. Take the stairs down and turn around to look in the dark corner of the stairwell.

Escape from Tarkov Factory Cellar extract

The locked door there leads to the Cellar exit, and, while you’ll need the Factory Emergency Exit Key to actually open and use it, simply approaching the door — as well as the other two locked extraction doors — is enough to complete the Scout subtask.

Gate 3 Extract Location on Factory

Gate 3 is directly west of Forklifts. The easiest way to get there is to go through the Glass Hall — the thin hallway leading west from Forklifts with the windows — all the way to its end. Exit the Hall and take a right, then proceed through the two small doors set in the large, red metal warehouse doors.

Escape from Tarkov Factory Gate 3 Extract

You’ll find Gate 3 behind the second door near the green flares.

Gate 0 Extract Location on Factory

Gate 0 is both an extract and spawn point on Factory. It’s in the direct opposite corner of Forklifts. You’ll know it’s nearby by the sun giving the room a yellow tint, the green crates in the middle of the room, and the path into the second floor at the other end.

Escape from Tarkov Factory Gate 0 extract

The Gate 0 door is directly behind the PMC spawn, and, like Cellar, all you need to do is approach the locked door to complete the subtask.

Med Tent Extract Location on Factory

Med Tent is one of the easiest to spot, as a large TerraLabs medical tent sits right in front of it. As the southeasternmost extract on Factory, you can get there by traveling through the hallways leading left (south) from Forklift or directly east from Gate 0.

Escape from Tarkov Factory Med tents extract

Be wary of boss spawns, as well as the PMC likely to spawn in the hallways between Gate 0 and Med Tents. This extraction point also requires a key, but approaching the door is more than enough for the subtask.

With all four extracts scouted, simply use any one of them to complete the task — you have to survive the raid, and not run through it. Remember to click Complete in Mechanic’s task menu, and you’re on your way.

And that’s how to complete the Scout Quest in Escape from Tarkov.

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