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How to Deal With the Butcher in Diablo 4

How to Deal With The Butcher in Diablo 4

While playing through Diablo 4, you will occasionally encounter a very big, strong, familiar, and unwanted visitor. The Butcher will randomly appear in dungeons, and—oh boy—he is built like a tank and hits like one too. Many Diablo 4 players won’t have a strong enough set of gear or build to take The Butcher down, so how can you deal with him?

How to Handle The Butcher Invading Your Dungeons in Diablo 4

If you’ve ever encountered The Butcher, you’ll know that he’s incredibly hard to damage, and the swiftness with which he can burst you down is truly terrifying. Not only that, but he has abilities to interrupt and stagger you plus deal damage over time, making The Butcher one of the most difficult enemies in Diablo 4.

You’d need an insanely well optimized set of gear that’s built to the teeth (with a build to match) to even have a chance of taking him on. Most players won’t have that capability, so you’ll have to resort to other tactics to deal with him.

One way that can work is if you happen to have a good Shrine nearby that you haven’t used yet when The Butcher spawns. A Protection Shrine or Conduit Shrine can help you deal a ton of damage before you become vulnerable again, and that may leave you able to battle him the rest of the way down. Having two Shrines in the area and using them one after the other would be ideal, unless one is a Greed Shrine and all you do is throw a few gold coins at him.

The other option is to simply try and kite him around if you’re a ranged character or have ranged abilities to use. He’ll try to hook you back in, but if you dodge this, you should be able to avoid The Butcher’s massive damage output and focus on chunking him down. That being said, he only sticks around for so long, so you’d have to be dealing a fair bit of damage to actually kill him before he runs off.

Those are some of the best ways that you can deal with The Butcher when you come across him in Diablo 4. Eventually we’ll all be strong enough to take him down reliably, but until then try these tactics! And if you need more help with Blizzard’s latest dungeon crawler, check out our comprehensive set of guides

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