Here is how to display the enemy incoming damage in Fire Emblem Engage, because the enemy threats are multifaceted in this game - enemy's incoming damage

In any Fire Emblem game, one of the biggest potential dangers is overextending a unit and having them get dogpiled by incoming enemy forces. Regardless of whether you’re playing on Classic or Casual, understanding how to view incoming enemy damage can make a world of difference in your Fire Emblem Engage playthrough.

This Is How to Display the Enemy’s Incoming Damage in Fire Emblem Engage

Similar to previous titles like Three Houses and Awakening, setting the map up to make incoming enemy damage viewable is incredibly simple. By hitting the ZL button, the map will highlight the range of any enemy units, which will appear as purple on any tiles that are reachable by your foe’s forces.

If you are looking to track an individual unit’s movement and attack pattern, you can click on them on the map by using the A button, which will add an additional highlighted color over it. That should be a translucent red and charts their capabilities for the next turn. This can be especially helpful for enemy forces like archers that can spell specific dangers for any of your airborne cavalry.

Also, as you move your characters, there will be a parabolic red line that shows an enemy unit that is looking to attack your character as you move them into territory. This informs you of where best to position tanks to take hits and protect your weaker or specialized units.

When it comes to protecting your Fire Emblem Engage units, it’s important to use all the tools at your disposal to keep your team alive! That’s everything you need to know about how to display the enemy’s incoming damage in Fire Emblem Engage.

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