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How to Dock Space Stations and Ships in Starfield

Docking with a station in Starfield. Here's how to dock with space stations or ships.

Starfield’s universe is dotted with space stations and stationary ships, only some of which are infested by nightmarish creatures and/or pirates. But how do you drop by and say hello? If you want to know how to dock at space stations and ships in Starfield, I’ve got the answer.

This is How and When to Dock in Starfield

In Starfield, docking is largely automated. If you’ve ever played the original Elite, you might remember having to match your ship’s rotation to the space station or die in the process. There’s none of that here, though that also means less chance to show off.

Instead, in order to dock you need to select a space station or stationary ship, fly within 500m, and hold down R on a keyboard or X on a controller. At least, that’s the quick way to do it. I’d strongly recommend that, before you dock, you try hailing. You do that by holding down E on a keyboard or A on a controller.

Why? Because there could be some nasty surprises waiting for you. If you get nothing but static back, it’s possible the ship or station has been infested by something unpleasant or it’s been taken over by pirates. Plus, it’s just polite to check in first. If you don’t get a human voice, I’d recommend you arm up before boarding.

If the ship’s moving, on the other hand, you’ll need to disable its engines before you can dock, and that means you likely won’t get a warm reception. Here’s how to board ships during combat.

That’s what you need to know about how to dock at space stations and ships in Starfield. And if you need more help coming to terms with the many mechanics of the game, be sure to look through our full set of guides and coverage.

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