Here is a full explanation of how to equip and use potions in Hogwarts Legacy, so you are never trapped in a no-win situation.

Hogwarts Legacy isn’t just about spells, even though magicking some baddies into the air and then comboing them before they land is a lot of fun. There are also potions to brew and buy. But once you’ve got your potions, how do you use them? Here’s how to equip and use potions in Hogwarts Legacy.

You Can Use Potions in or out of Combat in Hogwarts Legacy: You Just Need to Assign Them to Your Equip Slot

All your potions except for one need to be assigned to your equip slot. The exception is the Wiggenweld Potion, which restores your health. That will always be assigned to the down direction on your direction pad, so you can tap down and use a health potion.

To use other potions, you need to hold the LB (or L1, etc.) button, the top-left shoulder button, which will open the tool wheel. Move the right joystick to highlight the potion you want and then let go of the right joystick. Now, let go of the LB button.

You’ll see the potion is now in your equip slot. You can tap LB, and you’ll use the potion. This is the same for all your other limited-use items. Whether it’s an item you throw or drink, that’s how you assign it.

So, tap LB in battle and you’ll use whichever potion you have chosen. The game will pause while you are selecting your potion, and when you hit LB it will only take a second to drink. But if an enemy hits you while you are drinking the potion, it will interrupt it, so be careful.

Potions are locked at first, with a lock on the tool wheel. Those will have to be unlocked as you go through Hogwarts Legacy — and you’ll have to buy or make the potion you need too. You can also accidentally waste potions outside of combat if you tap LB at the wrong time.

You can use more than one potion at once as they don’t cancel each other out. When you use a potion you should see a glow around your character. With this glow still there, equip and use another potion. One might run out before the other, but for a while you will have the effects of both potions.

That’s everything you need to know about how to equip and use potions in Hogwarts Legacy. Get chugging! Then check out your wand customization options.

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