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How To Farm Easy Frog Coins In Super Mario RPG

How To Farm Frog Coins In Super Mario RPG
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Acquiring Frog Coins, one of the more difficult collectibles to get a hold of in Super Mario RPG, may take a lot of time, but there are several different ways to farm them and build a nice supply. Here’s why you should collect this currency and the best way to farm them.

How To Farm Frog Coins In Super Mario RPG
Screenshot captured by The Escapist

What are Frog Coins For In Super Mario RPG?

Frog Coins are a rare collectible that, like normal coins, are used to purchase unique items at certain stores. There are only two stores that exclusively accept Frog Coins though. The first one you encounter is in Tadpole Pond. Upon arrival in the area, immediately make a left and approach one of the two tadpoles that swim up to you and you’ll be able to purchase items that can be used in battle. These items aren’t sold in any other store, but they can be dropped by some enemies very rarely. The items you can purchase from the Tadpole Pond store, and their cost, are as follows:

  • Sleepy Bomb (1 Frog Coin): Puts all enemies to sleep.
  • Bracer (2 Frog Coins): Raises an ally’s defense in battle.
  • Energizer (2 Frog Coins): Raises an ally’s attack power in battle.
  • Party Bracer (5 Frog Coins): Raises the party’s defense in battle.
  • Party Energizer (5 Frog Coins): Raises the party’s attack power in battle.

While these items are most certainly useful, given the relatively easy difficulty of the game, even on Normal mode, these helpful perks may not be 100% necessary.

However, there is a merchant who buys Frog Coins later in the game who has much more valuable wares. This merchant can be found in Seaside Town on the second floor of the elder’s house. Up there, you’ll find a frog who will sell you very expensive accessories and items, but they’re some of the best items in the game. The frog’s wares, and their prices, are as follows:

  • See Ya! (10 Frog Coins): Allows you to escape from battles without failing.
  • Earlier Times (15 Frog Coins): Allows you to start a battle over.
  • Exp. Booster (22 Frog Coins): Doubles experience points gained.
  • Coin Trick (36 Frog Coins): Double the amount of coins you win in battles.
  • Flower Ring (50 Frog Coins): Cuts FP move costs in half during battle.

Clearly, some of the frog merchant’s accessories will break the game, especially if you equip a party member like Mallow or Peach with the Flower Ring to reduce their healing spell requirements. But those accessories are very pricey, and it’ll take time to stock up on Frog Coins. Luckily, there are a few methods to get them at a quick pace.

How To Farm Frog Coins In Super Mario RPG
Screenshot captured by The Escapist

Best Ways To Farm Frog Coins

While you can acquire Frog Coins normally as you play through the game, mostly in secret treasure chests or by helping certain NPCs, there are a few methods to quickly farm up a healthy amount of Frog Coins.

The first method is by fighting Special Enemies. These enemies will appear randomly in combat and are designated by a big yellow label that hovers over them saying they’re a special enemy. Special enemies are no joke, oftentimes having significantly more HP and attack power than their non-special counterparts and can easily knock out a party member if you’re unprepared. Defeat one though and you will always be rewarded with a Frog Coin. However, given that they are random encounters, they’re not the quickest way to farm Frog Coins, but still a viable method as you play through the game naturally.

You can also replay several of the minigames you encounter during the game. The best one for early-game grinding would be the Midas River Challenge. On a single run, you’ll most likely grab 2-3 Frog Coins, with the possibility of trading in the regular coins you acquire for Frog Coins at the very end. The first time you play through it, you can trade 60 coins for one Frog Coin, but then the exchange rate will increase to 80 coins for one Frog Coin, but your coins will stack from run to run. So with a half hour or so, it’s possible to get a dozen or more Frog Coins.

The absolute best method though is one that acquires a little bit of skill. In the Forest Maze, there are a bunch of Wigglers that crawl out of the stumps and patrol the area. If you jump on a Wiggler, instead of immediately getting into a combat encounter, you will actually start to bounce on its head. If you bounce on a Wiggler 10 times in a row, you’ll get a Frog Coin. It requires a bit of practice, but it’s the most time-efficient way to get a lot of Frog Coins in a short amount of time. Just be sure you move alongside the Wiggler.

And those are the best methods to farm Frog Coins in Super Mario RPG.

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