How to Find All Optional Photos in Episode 4 of Life is Strange

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No squirrel is safe from Max. Find every Life is Strange optional photo location with our next guide, covering Episode 4: Dark Room.

Once again, Max is on the prowl for cool photos and she’s not about to stop, even if the world (and Max’s relationships) are at stake. Be on the lookout for exotic birds, snacking squirrels, and best pal Chloe just hanging out. Most of the photos in Episode 4 are pretty easy to find, but there are a few you might miss. If you’re looking for exact instructions, we’ve got you covered with all the details in the list below.

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Episode Four – Optional Photos Guide

There are ten optional photo locations available in Episode 4: Dark Room. Each has a unique achievement / trophy attached to completion.

Optional Photo #1 – Ambient

Right as Max stands up in Chloe’s room, you’ll see her putting together clues on her computer, sitting at her desk. Approach and select the ‘Photo’ option to get the first optional photo.

Optional Photo #2 – Time-Lapsed

Downstairs, enter the garage and look in the left corner with a board leaning against some boxes. Hidden in a tiny alcove, you can find a bird’s nest. Select ‘Move’ on the plank to get your optional photo option when looking at the nest.

Optional Photo #3 – Balance

Return to the school dorm’s and check out the right corner of the yard opposite the dorm entrance. There’s a totem in view in the background near where you’ll spot a small pile of rocks. Nothing needs to be done here, just snap a pic when examining the cairn.

Optional Photo #4 – Rangefinder

In the dorm’s front courtyard, find Samuel sitting on one of the benches next to Ms. Grant. Select the ‘Squirrels’ option and he’ll drop food, drawing out a squirrel from hiding. Next, look at the yellow box next to Samuel and select ‘Lure’ to bring another squirrel out. Wait a few moments, at both squirrels will join up, giving you a nice optional photo opportunity.

Optional Photo #5 – Gamma Value

Enter the Male’s Dorm area and take a right where there’s toilet paper on the floor. Look out the window to get another pic. This time, Max thinks she sees bigfoot footprints.

Optional Photo #6 – Dioptic Value

At the beach, run to the barriers and get a good view of the beached whales in the distance. You’ll need to move along the barrier toward the large black whale — that’s the closet, and your next optional photo.

Optional Photo #7 – Fisheye

Exploring the farm, swing around the barn area and look in the distance for a tall windmill. On the fence, you should be able to find a small yellow bird. Examine the bird to find a ‘Photo’ option.

Optional Photo #8 – Manually Exposed

Inside the barn itself, find a platform and climb up once, then twice to the top. There’s a rope to your right, but past that Max can discover an owl behind some hay bales. Focus on the owl and grab a picture.

Optional Photo #9 – Slideshow

Once Max finds herself in the Vortex club, get to the VIP area and enter the door in the back corner to find a dingy public bathroom. There’s a privacy divider with a skeleton marked on the side. Focus on the guy behind the divider to get one more photo.

Optional Photo #10 – Tripod

Returning to the club, enter the pool area and look out the large windows along the upper exterior walls. If you look carefully around the diving board, you can spot two moons in the sky. Get a good view of both moons through the window.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Shutterbug (45 points / Bronze):
    Take all optional photos in Episode 4: Dark Room

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