How To Find All The New Breath of the Wild Masks (& Outfits!) In The Master Trials DLC


The first DLC for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild comes with a whole bunch of fan-favorite outfits and headwear, and if you’re looking to fancy up Link, here’s where to find all that good stuff.

There are 3 new masks and 2 new 3-piece armor sets — including a special medallion that lets you create custom fast travel markers on the Sheikah Slate map. Not every item does something special, but some are pretty great. The Tingle Suit makes every NPC avert their eyes nervously, while the Majora’s Mask lets you run around weak enemies safely, effectively making Link invincible.

Best of all is the Korok Mask. It’s also one of the trickier items to locate, but it lets Link sense nearby Korok fairies.

All Masks & Outfit Locations | Gear Guide

All armor / chests are found in new chests located all over the land of Hyrule. For clues, check out rumor books in the different stables, but you don’t need to read the rumor books to find chests and earn these new sets of armor and masks.

To help spot chests, use Magnesis — all metal objects in an area will glow. Some of these chests are hidden in the ground, so search carefully!

Tingle Costume

The Tingle Costume comes in three parts, and wearing all three causes villagers to recoil in terror / shock / disgust, but it gives you a boost of running speed! Find all three pieces in new chests hidden in these three locations.

  • Mabe Village Ruins
  • Castle Town Prison
  • Exchange Ruins

Phantom Armor

The heavy Phantom Armor comes in three parts and improves your attack power when worn. You can begin the rumor quest by reading a book in the Outskirts Stable.

  • Sacred Ground Ruins
  • Hyrule Garrison Ruins
  • Coliseum Ruins

Korok Mask

This powerful mask buzzes when you’re near a Korok, making finding those little seed-givers so much easier. The chest is very tricky to find, so we’ll get into more detail.

  • Lost Woods

To find the chest, note of “L” in the “Lost Woods” marker on your map. Move directly south from the “L” — about halfway between the marker and the water north of Hyrule Castle.

As stated above, try using Magnesis to spot the buried chest in the dirt, especially in all the fog.

Majora’s Mask

The odd Majora’s Mask, from the game of the same name, intimidate lower-level enemies. Common opponents will completely ignore Link when the mask is worn.

  • The Kolomo Garrison Ruins

The ruins are located near Kolomo Lake. Like before, use Magnesis to easily spot the chest buried in the ground to the southwest of the garrison.

Midna’s Helmet

Midna, the sassy fairy from Twilight Princess, makes an appearance (in helmet form) in this DLC. All it provides is bonus defense against Guardians.

  • Sage Temple Ruins

The Sage Temple Ruins are located just west of the Giant’s Forest, southeast from Jeddo’s Bridge. The ruins are off the Regency River, in a flooded area.

Travel Medallion

This is one of the trickier special items to find, but it’s incredibly useful. With this medallion, you can create your very own custom fast travel points.

  • Lomei Labyrinth Island

The treasure chest for this special item is located deep under the labyrinth. If you’ve unlocked the Lomei Shrine, fast travel and you’ll find a shaft with a strong wind current. Drop down and beware all the Guardians to find the chest.

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