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How to Find and Use the Ring Garland in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Tears of the Kingdom Ring Garland

Ring Garlands are an odd item in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in that they aren’t tied to a marked quest and can’t go in your inventory, but are still necessary to see everything there is to see in the game. Worse, there’s no indication of what you should do with them or what they affect. If you want to know where to find and how to use the Ring Garland in Tears of the Kingdom, we’ve got you covered.

Where to Find the Use Ring Garlands in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

You can purchase Ring Garlands from a young girl named Koko in Kakariko Village during the daytime (~9:00-19:00). If she’s not at her stand near the inn, rest there or by the fire until noon. You can purchase a garland from her for only five rupees, and she’ll give it a kiss for extra love.

Tears of the Kingdom Ring Garland Koko

If you want to use the Ring Garland, you’ll want to Fuse it to your shield. While I don’t recommend using your favorite shield, as the garland adds little defensive value and will be easily destroyed, that choice is up to you.

With the garland attached, travel to the far southwest of the map, to Gerudo Village. Getting there is tougher than in Breath of the Wild, as the desert is filled with a thick, neverending sandstorm if you haven’t completed the Temple there and rescued the area from devastation. If it’s your first time going there, take the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower into the sky and glide southwest.

Gerudo Town is also in ruins, and its population has fled underground. To get to them, approach any of the wells in town and go below. Follow the river with the floating message bottles until you reach a room with a rope tied to a jar. Ascend through the roof to reach the Gerudo Shelter, and while you’ll initially be threatened by guards, the guard captain will let you stay.

How to Use the Ring Garland in Tears of the Kingdom

One of the rooms in the shelter will have a male and female figure on the back wall with a heart between them. This is Akali’s Voe and Vai classroom where young Gerudo women learn about speaking to young men out in the world (something they have scarce few of in Gerudo culture).Tears of the Kingdom Ring Garland Akali's classroom

The Ring Garland is for Deltan, one of the three women who need help talking to men.

Tears of the Kingdom Ring Garland Akali


To speak to Deltan, you need to visit the classroom in the evening (between 21:00 and midnight) and first help her classmates Nali and Pritana. There are a few simple tasks to complete to do so. 

How to Help Nali

Nali can’t speak to Link with his face fully visible, so you need to wear a mask or some other headpiece that fully covers or alters his face. I used Cece’s Mask as it was the only head cover I had, and it worked fine.

Tears of the Kingdom Ring Garland Nali mask

Majora’s Mask, a Divine Beast Mask, or anything else that leaves only Link’s eyes (or less) open to see will do. With a mask equipped, Nali will be able to speak freely, and you can talk to Akali again to proceed to Pritana.

How to Help Pritana with Her Special Drink

Pritana will also have trouble speaking to Link, saying she needs a special drink from the canteen to help with her energy levels. The drink in question is the Noble Pursuit, and if you’re in the Gerudo Shelter before clearing the sandstorm, Furosa, the canteen manager, won’t immediately sell it to you. Instead, you’ll have to make it.

Tears of the Kingdom Noble Pursuit Furosa

Noble Pursuit doesn’t take much to make. The ingredients and where to find them are:

  • One Hydromelon, which you can buy from a merchant in the shelter for 12 rupees or pick from the ground anywhere in the desert. The closest patch is just southwest of the town.
  • One Voltfruit, which you can also buy from the merchant and find near the Hydromelon patch atop a cactus southwest of the town.
  • One Palm Fruit or Wildberry, which you can purchase from merchants in the world. Or look throughout Gerudo Desert and East Necluda for Palm Fruit, and find Wildberries in grasslands, the Hebra Mountains, and Gerudo Highlands.
  • One Rock Salt, which you’ll find by breaking black rocky outcroppings in the various mountain regions and in caves and wells.

Tears of the Kingdom Ring Garland Noble Pursuit recipe

Once you have a Noble Pursuit in your inventory, start the conversation with Pritana and give it to her when prompted. You’ll have a brief chat, and you can finally talk to Deltan. 

Showing Deltan the Ring Garland

Speak to Akali again to bring Deltan to the front of the class, and be sure to have your Ring Garland shield equipped. After lamenting her romantic situation, she’ll see the garland and her spirits will be lifted.

Tears of the Kingdom Ring Garland Deltan

Afterwards, you can talk to each of the three women again for some additional, heartwarming dialog.

And that’s about everything we know about using the Ring Garland in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom right now. Its purpose is to spread love between people throughout the world, so keep it handy in case you see someone else in need of a romantic helping hand.

If you’re in need of a helping hand (with Tears of the Kingdom, not romance), you can find more of our Tears of the Kingdom guides here.

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