How to Find Secret Rooms and Easter Eggs in Whispering Willows

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Earn every trophy or Steam achievement in Whispering Willows with our easy to follow Easter Egg locations, helping you explore the entire haunted mansion without missing a thing.

As a young girl with a strange power, you must investigate a massive abandoned estate with it’s own ghostly infestation. Dodge haunted embodiments of evil while helping phantoms in this creepy adventure game. It’s not a survival-horror, but there’s plenty of dread to find here — but that’s not all. The developers threw in secret references and humor, if you know where to find them. Check out our guides below to uncover Mario ghosts, developer logos, and Dark Souls references.

Secrets, Easter Eggs & Optional Trophies Guide

Find every optional Easter Egg and trophy location with the individual sections below. The mansion is a big place, don’t miss out on these fun secret areas.

It’s a Me, Boo – Trophy

At the mansion exterior, outside the big double doors of the front entrance, switch to your ghostly form and fly up to the top of the mansion’s right corner.

There’s an open window you can interact with and enter. Go inside to find a spooky black ghost with red eyes. Look at it, and it stops moving — look away, and it starts coming for you.

Yep, Boo from the Mario Bros franchise makes an appearance in the mansion’s attic. Leave the room to unlock this trophy.

What Does the Fox Say? – Trophy

Taking the stairs up into the attic near the ruined floor where a cupboard has fallen through, your heroine can enter a tiny hole in the attic floor to reach a locked bathroom. Possess the Trophy Room Key and collect it.

To reach the Trophy Room, return to the main hall and go up the stairs to the parlor on the second floor, east wing. Take the stairs to the third floor and access the locked door.

Inside the trophy room, interact with the taxidermy fox to collect your trophy.

Fantastic Amphibian – Trophy

While exploring the gardens, you’ll help a strange Little Girl collect flowers. During that exploration, you’re likely to encounter vines blocking a path.

To cut through the vines, return to the kitchen. On the left side, there’s an open cabinet with a bloody knife. Possess it to lower it, then take it back to the Garden Maze area with the vines.

Take a long trip back to the vine-covered doorway, then interact to cut the debris from your path. You’ll find the frog on the fountain ahead. Change to ghost form and fly to the right corner of the room to find something else! Interact with him to get this trophy.

Light Light – Trophy

This trophy, and interactive object, is only available after getting the Ring from Fleur once you return the Love Letter, but before unlocking the Wine Cellar. Once the path to the Wine Cellar is available, exit the mansion.

Go to the Observatory area through the garden gate and past the Green House. On the first floor, beneath the stairs, you’ll find a logo while in ghost form.

That’s the developer’s logo, and there are more logos to find hidden in the mansion.

This S*** is Bananas – Trophy

Delving into the Wine Cellar and returning to the main hall of the mansion, travel down the stairs to the ground floor. There’s a children’s room in the lower east wing.

Near the window, there’s an odd picture of a banana peel. Interact to unlock the trophy, because you just found the Animax logo.

Rest Your Soul – Trophy

This final one is hard to miss, but you can totally miss it. Once the heroine discovers her lost father, return to the Observatory and complete the puzzle after installing the last telescope piece.

A new path opens, leading into a comfortable library with a fireplace. Rest at the fireplace by interacting with it to unlock the last optional trophy.

Fans of the Dark Souls series should recognize this one. Weary travelers in that spooky franchise always rest at bonfires to save their game and heal up.

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