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How to Gain and Spend Obols in Diablo 4


The Blood Shard gambling system in Diablo 3 saw you completing various activities like Rifts that would grant a currency that you could then gamble on getting Legendary or Set items. If you enjoyed the system, you’ll be interested to know it’s back in Diablo 4, although a bit different. This time around, the currency you’ll be collecting is called Obols and the activities to gain them are specific to Diablo 4.

Here’s How to Obtain and Spend Obols in Diablo 4

You’ll first come across this currency early in your playthrough because it drops from the chests that you get for completing random events that spawn around the world. Completing these events will give you some nice loot and also a small pile of Obols. 

As you progress further through Diablo 4, you’ll notice larger scale world events that have a timer on them called Gathering Legions. Not only are these an excellent source of XP for leveling, but they also reward a big pile of loot—including lots of Obols.

Once you’ve accumulated some Obols from completing events, you can start gambling for random items in the hopes of getting sweet new Legendaries. 

To do so, first head over to Kyovashad city. Over to the bottom right of the area, at the spot on the map below, will be Lizveth, Purveyor of Curiosities. Talk to her and she’ll give you the option to trade your Obols for a mystery item in the category you select. If you have a particularly weak piece of gear in need of upgrading (let’s say some low level boots) gambling with her for some boots is a great way to snag yourself an upgrade, and you could even get a build-changing Legendary from her as well!

How to gain and spend obols in Diablo 4 - Location on Lizveth

That covers how to gain Obols and where to head to gamble them all away in Diablo 4. Hopefully you have some good luck and get some shiny new Legendaries from Lizveth! And if you’re looking for more tips on making it through the game, check out our guides.

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